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Dreamers Face an Uncertain Future

Many people in America are afraid. They are called “Dreamers.” Their parents brought them to this country to follow the American Dream. They came here illegally. Now, the government is ending the policy [an action … Read more

Donald Trump stands at on a plane waving for a photo opp.
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Trump Visits Asia

Do you know where you’d find Japan, South Korea, China, Vietnam, or the Philippines on a map? If you said Asia, you’d be right! From November 3-14, President Trump will spend time in all those … Read more

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Our Government’s Budget

Have you ever heard a grownup talk about a “household budget?” This is when people decide how much money they can spend on things like food and clothing. Our country has a budget too. The … Read more

people walking on ocean floor as
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More Hurricanes Slam United States

Can you imagine a storm the size of Texas? Hurricane Irma was that big! From September 6th through 9th, Hurricane Irma hit several islands in the Caribbean Sea. Many people on these islands were trapped. … Read more

German Chancellor Angela Merkel looking warily at Russian President Vladimir Putin.
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German Elections and Fake News

On September 24th, Germany will have an election to decide who will be the Chancellor (the leader of the government) of Germany. Angela Merkel has been Chancellor since 2005. Many believe she will win again. … Read more

The hallway outside the chambers for the House of Representatives is usually empty in August.
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What Does Congress Do During Recess?

Do you enjoy recess? So do our country’s leaders. Congress [the law-making branch of the US government] takes a summer recess. It lasts five weeks. Congress does not play during recess. Congress people leave Washington … Read more