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Important Moments in Space Exploration

In 1957, scientists in the former Soviet Union launched a satellite into space. The satellite was called Sputnik. Sputnik helped scientists learn about space and space travel. The Soviet Union used this information to make … Read more

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Fall Festivals Around the Country

The leaves are changing colors. Fall is here. Crops are ready to harvest. Many communities celebrate fall with festivals. Pumpkins are part of many fall celebrations. In Dallas, Texas, the Dallas Arboretum creates an entire … Read more

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Our Government’s Budget

Have you ever heard a grownup talk about a “household budget?” This is when people decide how much money they can spend on things like food and clothing. Our country has a budget too. The … Read more

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More Hurricanes Slam United States

Can you imagine a storm the size of Texas? Hurricane Irma was that big! From September 6th through 9th, Hurricane Irma hit several islands in the Caribbean Sea. Many people on these islands were trapped. … Read more