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A New Paint Could Help Protect the Planet

Reduce, reuse, recycle, … repaint? Yes! Painting buildings with a new kind of paint could help protect our planet. Professor Xiulin Ruan teaches engineering at Purdue University. He and his students created the new paint … Read more

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Robots in Our World!

Scientists and engineers have been building and testing robots for many years! The history of robots spans from vacuum cleaners to computers and toys. Robots can be helpful in our daily lives.  Robots help with … Read more

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Remembering Bob Dole

Bob Dole was born in rural Kansas. He worked hard when he was a child and saved money to buy a bike. He and his siblings used the bike to do paper routes and earn … Read more

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World Leaders Make New Climate Agreement

World leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, in early November. The countries wanted to find new ways to make the Earth’s climate better. In 2015, many world leaders signed the “Paris Agreement.” They agreed to cut … Read more