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Have you ever wondered how people shape glass? If you bend glass, it will break. Glass used for glassblowing is melted in a furnace. The solid glass becomes a soft, hot liquid called molten glass. … Read more

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What is a Salmon Run?

Do you know anyone that has run a long race? Salmon are fish that train their whole lives for one event. It’s called the salmon run. But salmon do not run, they swim. Once a … Read more

arrow showing rising grocery cost
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What Is Inflation?

Have you heard people talking about high prices? You may have noticed they mentioned the word inflation. Currently, the United States is experiencing its worst inflation in 40 years. What is inflation and what is … Read more

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The Benefits of Summer Reading

Summer is a nice time to relax and enjoy yourself after a long school year. But maybe you remember your teacher reminding you to do some summer reading before school let out. Maybe you’ve seen … Read more

During the summer, temperatures can get to be above 100 degrees in many parts of the country.
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Dangerous Summer Heat Waves

This summer, across Europe, many places reached 100 °F for the first time ever. Over ten cities in the United States recorded their highest temperature ever. Summer heat waves have become a serious issue throughout … Read more