The hallway outside the chambers for the House of Representatives is usually empty in August.
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What Does Congress Do During Recess?

Do you enjoy recess? So do our country’s leaders. Congress [the law-making branch of the US government] takes a summer recess. It lasts five weeks. Congress does not play during recess. Congress people leave Washington … Read more

During the summer, temperatures can get to be above 100 degrees in many parts of the country.
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The Dangers of Heat

August means summer is full swing. You might be ready for a break from the summer heat. But summer heat waves can cause more than just inconvenience. Summer heat can have a big effect on … Read more

Families celebrate Labor Day in many different ways.
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What Is Labor Day?

Labor Day is a holiday [a day when schools and businesses close]. It celebrates American workers. Schools close for Labor Day. Labor unions suggested Labor Day. Labor unions are groups of workers. They make sure … Read more