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Healthy Hearts

What Is a Heart? Place your hand on the left side of your chest. Do you feel anything? Try again after exercising. Do you feel it now? That’s your heart! Your heart is a muscle. … Read more

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Famous Scientists

You probably know February is Black History Month. But how did it start? A historian realized he did not learn about many African Americans in school. So, in 1926, he started a one-week celebration. He … Read more

Australian Wildfires
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Australia’s Deadly Wildfires

Fires are common in northern Australia. Winters are dry. A lightning strike or human error can start a fire. Usually, these fires are small, and firefighters can put them out. This year is different, though. … Read more

Lincoln Home National Historic Site
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A Visit to Abraham Lincoln’s Home

Abraham Lincoln’s birthday is in February. What do you know about our 16th President? You probably think of Abraham Lincoln as a President. He kept the country together during the Civil War. He signed a … Read more