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What Are Midterm Elections?

Have you heard people talking about an upcoming vote? There is not a presidential election until 2020. So, what is everyone talking about? Midterm elections. Midterm elections are elections that take place while the president … Read more

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Who Do You Cheer For in the World Cup?

Egyptians dress as pharaohs. Argentinians wear shirts that say “Messi.” It’s World Cup time! People cheer their countries on during the World Cup. The United States did not qualify for the games. Who should Americans … Read more

Diverse group of Hipanic and African American friends wave American flags at Independence Day parade in their community. They are each waving and holding a flag. They are dressed casually.
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What Does It Mean to Be American?

In July, we celebrate Independence Day. July 4th is known as the United States’ birthday, and many Americans enjoy the day. It is the day that the Declaration of Independence was written. Americans see it … Read more