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Work and School from Home

You might be reading this article from a computer at home instead of from a computer at school. Many schools around the world are closed right now for a short time. Why are they closed? … Read more

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Life-Changing Inventions

Look around you. Everything you see was invented by someone! Inventors follow a process much like the engineering design process you use in science class. Engineers and inventors start by identifying a problem. Then they … Read more

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Daylight Saving Time

It’s March! This means you might be getting ready to change the time on your clocks. This is to follow daylight saving time. The clocks are set one hour ahead in March. This is to … Read more

Amazon Rainforest,
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The Amazon Rainforest

On World Wildlife Day, we think about animals that live on Earth. More than half of the animal species in the world live in rainforests! The largest rainforest, the Amazon Rainforest in South America, is … Read more

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King vs. Riggs

Today, women play a lot of the same sports that men do. In 1973, though, many people did not think that women could play as well as men. Bobby Riggs was a top men’s player … Read more