UPDATE: How Does the Government Help in Health Emergencies?

These workers at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention help doctors and other officials during outbreaks of diseases.


The coronavirus is serious in the United States. Many schools have closed. Many businesses have closed. People are staying home. They want to keep others safe. Here are some things to remember.

  • Adults are working to keep people safe.
  • Most people that get the virus will recover. We want to stop it from spreading to protect everyone.
  • You can do things to avoid spreading the virus. Wash your hands. Avoid going into crowded places.
  • If you are feeling scared, talk to an adult that you trust.

A disease called the coronavirus started in China in 2019. The disease has spread around the world. When people get this virus, they might get a cough, a fever, or have trouble breathing. Scientists are working on a vaccine to prevent the sickness. Governments are taking action to limit how far the virus spreads. Meanwhile, experts say that the best ways to protect yourself is to wash hands frequently and avoid close contact with people who are sick.

In the United States, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) watches around the world for diseases. They want to see how many people are affected and how serious the diseases are. There are different things that government agencies can do. Officials can help doctors who have a large number of patients to treat. The government might tell people they cannot travel to certain places. This will stop the spread of the disease. Government agencies also release information about treatment and prevention of disease. Be careful to look for real news sources and be aware of rumors. This will help you stay healthy.

What Do You Think? Why is it important to find accurate information about illness? How does the government help?

Photo Credit: James Gathany/CDC