Work and School from Home

Mother and daughter at laptop
For many years, people have celebrated Take Your Children to Work Day in April. Now, many people are working from home. Many students are learning at home, too. What has caused this change?

You might be reading this article from a computer at home instead of from a computer at school. Many schools around the world are closed right now for a short time. Why are they closed? They are closed to prevent the spread of a virus, COVID-19. Experts believe that the virus can be slowed when people do not gather in groups. Groups of people attend school and go to work. That’s why many schools have sent their students home to learn. Many workplaces have sent home their workers.

Some kids might think that being home from school means they should go visit their friends or go to movies or other places to have fun. But experts advise that people keep their distance from each other. People can go outside to take a walk or play games in their own yards, but they should stay home instead of going to movies, restaurants, and other places with a lot of people.

Your teacher might be sending you assignments to do. Remember that there are also museums you can visit on-line. You can watch plays and concerts. There are many ways to learn, even when you aren’t at school!

What Do You Think? What can you do to keep learning even when you can’t go to school?

Photo Credit: Sean Justice/Taxi/Getty Images