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Did you know the word volcano comes from the Roman name Vulcan? Vulcan was the Roman god of fire. Look at the photo. Why do you think ancient Romans named volcanoes after Vulcan? What is … Read more

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Helicopter Takes Flight on Mars

Have you ever seen a remote-control plane? Imagine making something fly on a planet 100 million miles away!   NASA scientists imagined it. And they made it happen. On April 19, 2021, a helicopter named Ingenuity flew above Mars. Scientists … Read more

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The Struggle Over Voting Rights

Across the United States, people are struggling over the issue of voting. Some states are passing laws that would make voting easier. Some people worry that making voting easier will make it easier to cheat … Read more

The Tape family
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The Tape Family

May is Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month. It’s a great time to learn more about Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders and what they have contributed to the United States. You may already know about court cases … Read more

Hoover Dam
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The Hoover Dam

You have probably heard the word infrastructure in the news. But what does it mean? The infrastructure is made of facilities that people need to live. Bridges, roads, energy plants, water treatment, schools, hospitals, and … Read more