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What Is the Air Quality Index?

Have you ever had to stay inside due to bad weather? Maybe it was a thunderstorm, or a blizzard, or extreme heat. Lately, another issue has forced people to stay indoors: air quality.   This summer, … Read more

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Wildfires Devastate Maui  

You may have heard about the Great Chicago Fire. It was a famous fire that burned down a large part of Chicago. You may have also heard about major fires recently in Canada, California, or … Read more

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Who Gets to Decide on the Names of Places?  

Minnesota is sometimes called the “Land of 10,000 Lakes.” There are actually more than 11,000 lakes in Minnesota. The name of one of those lakes, near Minneapolis, Minnesota, has caused disagreements.  Long before Europeans settled … Read more

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What Does AI Mean for Jobs? 

There is a new type of job. It is called an AI Prompter. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is a type of machine that can learn. An AI Prompter writes prompts, or commands. These … Read more

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Be Water Safe This Summer

June brings warm weather. To stay cool, why not start summer with a splash? You can swim in a pool, float in a boat, or go to the beach. There are many ways to have … Read more