The Super Bowl: More Than a Football Game

View of camera flashes at a concert with spotlights
The Super Bowl features a spectacular halftime show.

Towards the end of January, people look forward to the Super Bowl. Every year over 100 million Americans watch the Super Bowl on TV. That is almost one out of every three people in the country! Not everyone watches because they like football. Some people like to watch the Super Bowl because it’s a special event.

One of the things that makes the Super Bowl a big event is the commercials. Companies know that a lot of people will be watching. So they make interesting, funny, and memorable commercials for people to watch when the game has a break. In fact, one of the most famous commercials of all time aired only once. It was during the Super Bowl in 1984. Some people have guessed that more than half the people that watch the Super Bowl watch it because they want to see the commercials.

Another reason people watch the Super Bowl is for the halftime show. Each year, a famous singer does a big performance during halftime. There are many dancers, lights, fireworks, and sometimes even stunts. This year, a singer, dancer, and actor named Justin Timberlake will be performing. People are excited to see what kind of show he will put on.

What Do You Think? Are you more interested in the Super Bowl for the football or all the other things that surround it?

Photo Credit: RealCG Animation Studio/Shutterstock