Who Do You Cheer For in the World Cup?

People from all over the world enjoy cheering their teams on during the World Cup.

Egyptians dress as pharaohs. Argentinians wear shirts that say “Messi.” It’s World Cup time! People cheer their countries on during the World Cup. The United States did not qualify for the games. Who should Americans cheer for?

Many Americans cheer for the Mexican soccer team, “El Tri”. Many see the World Cup as a time to celebrate their heritage [tradition or background]. Over 36 million Mexican-Americans live in the United States. There are so many fans of the Mexican soccer team living in the United States that sometimes Mexico plays their home games here.

Many other Americans cheer for their teams for the same reason. America is a nation of immigrants. You will find people cheering for countries such as Germany, Portugal, Columbia, South Korea because they, their parents, or grandparents come from there.

There are other reasons to cheer for a team. Some people cheer for a favorite player. Some people enjoy the style a team plays. Many Americans love to root for an underdog. Iceland’s population is smaller than many United States cities. So, many people enjoy cheering for such a small country against much bigger countries.

What Do You Think? What makes a team your favorite?

Photo Credit: (l)Prostock-studio/Shutterstock; (r)Panther Media GmbH/Alamy Stock Photo