The Benefits of Summer Reading

Reading can be a great summertime activity.

Summer is a nice time to relax and enjoy yourself after a long school year. But maybe you remember your teacher reminding you to do some summer reading before school let out. Maybe you’ve seen signs for summer reading programs at the local library. Why do so many people talk about reading in the summer?

Summer reading has many benefits. Firstly, it will help you when school starts in the fall. Students can lose a whole grade level worth of knowledge in one summer. Then they have to work extra hard to catch up when school starts. Reading over the summer helps you keep your reading skills sharp.

Reading also helps you socially and emotionally. Reading helps you understand other people and perspectives. It also helps you understand the world around you.

But summer reading isn’t all about knowledge and school work. Summer is a time to choose to read the kind of things you want to read about. Almost all kids agree that their favorite book is a book that they picked out for themselves. This summer can be the chance for you to discover your favorite book!

What Do You Think? What’s your favorite reason for reading in the summer?

Photo Credit: David Goldman/Image Source