Welcoming Everyone In the Classroom

A school is a place where everyone can learn.

Schools are welcoming children back to the classroom this year. As we get back to learning, let’s remember it’s important to be welcoming to everyone.

We have differences. We come from different backgrounds. We have different beliefs. We come from many different types of families. We may wear different clothes. In a classroom, we respect everyone. We learn from our differences.

People are different in other ways too. People have different abilities. Some people can’t hear, so they might use sign language. Have you ever seen someone using sign language? Sign language is a way of communicating with others using the hands and other parts of the body. Some people can’t walk, so they might use a wheelchair to get around. People show their happiness in different ways, too. Some people smile or laugh. Some people spin around in circles.

Schools welcome people with all kinds of abilities. There are teachers to help people with different abilities. Most schools have features such as ramps with railings than people can hold if they need to. Most schools have safe street crossings, wider doors that wheelchairs can easily pass through, accessible paths to all spaces, and easy access to places such as restrooms and cafeterias.

Photo Credit: SDI Productions/E+/Getty Images