World Leaders Make New Climate Agreement

Solar panels like these make clean energy and can make the climate better. But what else can countries around the world do to help the climate?

World leaders gathered in Glasgow, Scotland, in early November. The countries wanted to find new ways to make the Earth’s climate better.

In 2015, many world leaders signed the “Paris Agreement.” They agreed to cut pollution and use renewable sources of energy. The countries agreed to meet five years later. But COVID-19 made them postpone the meeting for a year.

The leaders from 197 countries met for two weeks. They signed a new climate deal, the Glasgow Climate Pact. Experts believe the new agreement is a big improvement from what they did in the past. But they wonder if the agreement will do enough to slow down global warming.

What did the countries agree to do? They agreed to lower the use of coal and other fossil fuels. They also agreed to “carbon trading.” This means that a country that’s polluting too much can buy “credits” from a country that is cutting more pollution. The countries agreed to meet again next year to make even more plans to cut emissions from fossil fuels.

What Do You Think? What do you think countries can do to help the world’s climate? What do you think you can do?

Photo Credit: Jenson/Shutterstock