Robots in Our World!

This robot is harvesting vegetables in a greenhouse.

Scientists and engineers have been building and testing robots for many years! The history of robots spans from vacuum cleaners to computers and toys. Robots can be helpful in our daily lives. 

Robots help with tasks that need to be done over-and-over. Some examples include building cars and harvesting vegetables. More products can be made in a shorter amount of time if the tasks are done faster.

Robots also help when something might be too dangerous for humans to do. This includes exploring the deep sea or flying in space. Scientists and engineers have even created cars that drive on their own!

Robot technology has also led to many fun inventions. Remote-controlled toys and kits to build-your-own robot are fun ways to experience how robots can be used in our daily lives.

The students are flying a drone, which is a type of robot.

What Do You Think?  How else can robots help us in our daily lives? Sketch your ideas.

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What Do You Think? 

Photo Credit: (t)kung_tom/Shutterstock, (b)Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock