More Hurricanes Slam United States

people walking on ocean floor as
Hurricane Irma was so powerful, it pulled all the water away from this beach in Tampa Bay, Florida.

Can you imagine a storm the size of Texas? Hurricane Irma was that big!

From September 6th through 9th, Hurricane Irma hit several islands in the Caribbean Sea. Many people on these islands were trapped. They left their homes for shelters [places to keep people safe]. Houses, hospitals and roads were ruined. It will take years to recover.

Then, on September 10th, Irma struck the southern edge of Florida. The governor of Florida told more than six million people to evacuate [leave and go to safety]. The storm lost some strength, but many buildings and homes were damaged. Luckily, the storm wasn’t as deadly as predicted.

Hurricane Irma came just weeks after Hurricane Harvey struck southeastern Texas. Together they marked the first time two storms of their size hit the United States in one year. Then, on September 20th a new hurricane named Maria struck. It hit the US Territory of Puerto Rico. It caused great damage. Puerto Rico is still without power and supplies because of Hurricane Maria.

Many countries are helping the places hurt by the hurricanes. Money, food, water, troops, and supplies have been sent to support the survivors.

What Can You Do?  Many animal shelters across the United States have taken in four-legged survivors of the hurricanes. Ask if you can volunteer at a shelter. Encourage friends or family living in hurricane areas to make a plan in case another storm strikes.

Photo Credit: Brian Blanco/Stringer/Getty Images