When Is the Right Time to Reopen?

Closed sign
Some countries and states have been locked down to stop the spread of COVID-19. When is the right time to reopen them?

Governments around the world have to decide. Should they reopen their states or country during the coronavirus pandemic? When people stay at home, the virus can’t spread. But when people are home, many of them cannot work. Some businesses have closed because of shut-downs.

If the lockdowns continue, more people could lose their jobs. More businesses could shut down. But if places open too soon, more people could get sick from the virus. South Korea was one country that kept the virus from spreading by making people stay home. There weren’t many cases of the virus. Then the country reopened, and more people got sick. One sick person infected 54 others! Reopening makes some people worried.

In the United States, each state makes decisions about reopening. Some states, like Florida and Texas, have had to change their reopening plans as virus cases rise.

Experts believe that places that want to reopen need to have a lot of testing. If people know they have the virus, they can get the medical help they need.  They will also stay home to prevent the virus from spreading. It’s important to find out who the person with the virus was around. Those people can get tested to find out if they have the virus. Whether a place is open or not, people need to be careful They should wash their hands often, wear face masks, and keep a safe distance from other people.

What Do You Think? What are the possible good and bad effects of reopening after lockdowns? As your community reopens, how can you stay safe?

Photo Credit: StockMediaSeller/Shutterstock