How to Help People With Things You No Longer Need

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What can you give away on Give Something Away Day?

Do you trip over toys on your floor? Do you have clothes that don’t fit you anymore? If you have something you don’t want or need, someone else might be able to use it. That’s one reason to celebrate National Give Something Away Day.

Sometimes we have things we no longer need. But other people might need them. As the nation endures the COVID-19 virus, many people are especially in need. Some have lost jobs. Some have trouble getting to stores. If you have extra things, you can give some of them away. It shows other people you care.

There are lots of things you can give away. You can give food to a pantry. You can give clothes or toys to a shelter where people live. Maybe you have extra books or magazines you can give to a library.

Some experts think that having less stuff around us can help us feel less stress. The less toys we have to trip over or things cluttering up our rooms, the less we have to worry about. So, giving things away just doesn’t help others, it can help you, too.

What Do You Think? What do you have that you could give away? Why is it important to give things to others?

Photo Credit: Africa Studio/Shutterstock