Rules for the Road

Car Trip preparations
During car trips it is important to follow rules of the road to stay safe.

It’s almost time for summer vacation! During the summer, many people take trips in their cars. Car trips can be exciting. We see new sights. We meet new people and learn new things. Best of all, we have fun along the way. Just like we have rules to follow in school, there are also rules we should follow when we ride in a car. Here are three rules to remember.

Rule Number One: Buckle up. Always wear your seat belt. As soon as you get in the car, put on your seat belt. Seat belts keep us safe in the car. Wearing a seat belt is the law because seat belts help save lives.

Rule Number Two: Don’t bother the driver. The person driving the car needs to concentrate to keep us safe. Talking too loudly or asking too many questions could distract the driver. Never ask the driver to look at something on a tablet or phone while he or she is driving.

Rule Number Three: Enjoy the ride. Look at the scenery. There’s a lot to see on our country’s roads.

What Do You Think? Why do you think it is important to follow these rules for the road?

Photo Credit:Andersen Ross/Blend Images LLC