On Strike for the Climate!

Climate march
This demonstration in Chicago was just one of many all over the world against climate change.

On September 20, millions of people around the world took to the streets! Why did all these people walk out of their classrooms and jobs? They want world leaders to solve a big problem—climate change.

Scientists have reached a consensus [a general agreement]. Earth is getting warmer. The reason is human activity such as burning fossil fuels [fuels such as gas or coal]. Climate change has already caused a lot of destruction on our planet. Weather patterns are changing. There are more hurricanes now than ever before. States like California have experienced wildfires. Entire ecosystems are affected by the changes on our planet. Polar ice, for example, is melting at alarming rates. Activists want governments to take action before climate change’s effects are irreversible.

A year ago, teen climate activist Greta Thurnberg skipped school to protest leaders’ inaction on climate change. She sat alone at the Swedish capital. This year, millions around the world joined her. The protests took place before the United Nations’ Climate Action Summit. At the summit, world leaders came together to discuss how to stall global warming.

For young activists who believe their future is in danger, talking is not enough. They want to see action to create a healthy planet!

What You Can Do Research what you can do about climate change. Look for organizations in your community that are working to stop climate change.

Photo Credit: Angela Bowman