Writers and Actors on Strike  

Writers and actors demonstrate to let people know they are on strike.

Do you have a favorite TV show? Are you waiting for new episodes to start? You might need to wait a bit longer. The writers and actors that make TV and movies are on strike. This means they have stopped working. 

Why have writers and actors stopped working? They are worried about the way things are changing. There are two big changes in TV and movies. One is streaming. The other is Artificial Intelligence (AI).  They think because of these changes, they are not being treated fairly. 

Streaming is when people can watch TV or movies in their homes. They use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, or Hulu. This is very new. People used to only be able to watch what was on a TV channel at home. They would go to the movie theaters for movies. They could also rent or buy a movie after it stopped showing in theaters. Part of what writers and actors were paid depended on how many people watched their shows or movies. With streaming, they don’t know how many people are watching. Writers and actors don’t think this is fair.  

AI also worries writers and actors. They both want limits to be put on what AI can do in entertainment. Writers do not want AI to write shows and movies. Actors do not want AI to make images of them to star in shows and movies.  

Movie studios and entertainment companies are negotiating [trying to talk and make an agreement] with writers and actors. They are trying to come to agreements on these issues. So far, they cannot agree with them. So, right now, nobody is acting in or writing television programs or movies. 

What Do You Think? How do you try to make things fair in your life? 

Photo Credit: Lev Radin/Pacific Press/ZUMA Press, Inc./Alamy Stock Photo