Hurricane Harvey Devastates Texas and Louisiana

Hurricane Harvey flooding
Local apartment residents cross high water on North Braeswood Blvd to escape the flooding from Hurricane Harvey August 28, 2017 in Houston, Texas.

Many roads have turned into rivers. Some neighborhoods look like lakes. Homes and businesses have been destroyed. Hurricane Harvey has put many people in Texas and Louisiana in danger.

Hurricane Harvey brought record amounts of rain. Houston, Texas usually gets 50 inches of rain in a year. During Harvey, it got that much rain in a few days. Over 25 trillion gallons of rain fell.

This rain has caused flooding. Flooding means large areas of the state uninhabitable [impossible to live in]. Over 30,000 people will need temporary shelter. Over 13,000 people had to be rescued from flooding.

It’s not just the police and the coast guard that are rescuing victims. Many people with boats have shown up to help with rescue efforts. People all over the world are helping any way they can.

What You Can Do Ask your teachers, family, and people in your community how they plan to help. You can help too. Research charities that help people affected by Hurricane Harvey. Consider holding a fundraiser in your school or community to benefit those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Photo Credit: Erich Schlegel/Stringer/Getty Images