The First Day of School Around the World

Japanese girls on the first day of school
Japanese students wear their new randoseru, or backpacks, on the first day of school.

Going back to school is always fun.  On the first day of school your parents might take your picture, and you might be excited to see your friends.  The start of the school year is a little different in every country.

In India, the first day of school is called Admission Day.  Children get presents on Admission Day.  School starts during the rainy season in India. Umbrellas are a popular gift.

In Japan, each child is given a hard-sided backpack on their first day of school.  This backpack is called a randoseru.  All elementary school students in Japan use this backpack.

The school year in Russia starts on September 1st.  There is a celebration called the Day of Knowledge.  Students wear nice clothes and bring flowers to their teachers.  The Day of Knowledge is so important that students will go to school on September 1st even if it falls on a weekend.

What About You? Do you have any traditions for the first day of school?  What new traditions would you like to have for your first day of school next year?

Photo Credit: DAJ/Getty Images