The Science of Food

Making pizza is a fun way to learn about the science of food.

You probably like to eat pizza. But do you like to make it? If you do, you are a chef and a scientist! When you make pizza dough, you mix yeast with water. This makes the pizza dough rise. Cooking and baking are all about changing matter into something delicious!

We are surrounded by science in the kitchen. Some scientists study food. They work in labs, learning how to make our food safer and healthier. They are called food scientists.

Food scientists also make food fun! Do you like fizzy candy that pops in your mouth? How about tiny balls of super-frozen ice cream that taste like fruit punch or birthday cake? If you do, thank a food scientist!

Popping candy is famous for its fizzy fun. This candy is created using carbon dioxide gas at a very high pressure. Then, it is coated in a candy shell. Once you pop it in your mouth, the shell melts and the candy pops and fizzes as tiny amounts of gas are released.

Do tiny balls of ice cream sound delicious?  They are created by flash freezing ice cream in liquid nitrogen. They must be stored at a very cold temperature. This ice cream is so cold, it sticks to your tongue!

What Do You Think? Would you like to be a food scientist?

Photo Credit: Blend Images/Image Source