What Is Gratitude?

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Showing gratitude helps us feel closer to others.

During the holidays, we often feel grateful. But experts tell us that it is good to have gratitude all the time, not just at the holidays. What exactly is gratitude? It’s being thankful for the good things that we have in our lives. We can be grateful, for example, for our friends and family members. We can be grateful when good things happen to us, even if those good things are small.

Brain research shows that gratitude is good for us. When we are grateful, we can actually learn better! Gratitude also leads to other positive emotions. We can feel happy, joyful, or calm when we are grateful.

Gratitude leads to positive actions, too. If you show gratitude to someone, they may do something kind for someone else. Gratitude also helps our relationships with others. If we show them that we are grateful, then we feel closer to them. A phone call, visit, or thank you note is a perfect way to show gratitude.

What can you be grateful about? You can be grateful that a friend or family member helped you. You could even be grateful for a sunny day.

What Do You Think? Why is gratitude important? What are you grateful for?

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