Why Do We Have a National Trails Day?

Inspiration Point
This point in Yosemite National Park in California is a favorite place to hike and take photographs.

National Trails Day celebrates trails in the United States and encourages people to take a hike! National Parks are great places to hike.

More than 140 years ago, the United States created the world’s first national park. National parks are wilderness areas that are protected by the federal government. Inside of a park, people can enjoy the landscape, plants, animals, and the beauty of nature.

In 1864, Congress gave Yosemite Valley to the state of California. It was the first time that the federal government set aside land so that everyone could enjoy it. Later, that land became part of Yosemite National Park.

In 1872, the U.S. Congress made Yellowstone National Park from land in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Yellowstone was the first National Park in the United States. Yellowstone is a beautiful park! Yellowstone has more hot springs and geysers than any other area in the world. In Yellowstone, you might see bears, elk, and bison as you hike along the trails.

Today the National Park System protects almost 400 different places. This includes parks, monuments, and important historical sites, such as the White House.

What Do You Think? Why are National Parks great places to hike? What National Parks would you like to visit?

Photo Credit: Stephanie Sawyer/Moment/Getty Images