How to Thank Essential Workers

Michigan Window Sign
A window sign in Michigan thanks healthcare workers for all they do to help others. What other essential workers help us?

Since the beginning of COVID-19, many people have gone to school at home or worked from their home. They wanted to be sure that they didn’t spread the virus to other people.

But some people have to go work. These people are called “essential workers.” Doctors, nurses, grocery store workers, mail carriers, trash collectors, and many more people are essential workers. They make sure that we have food, electricity, water, transportation, and health services.

These workers are very important. How can we thank them for their work?

  • Write thank you notes. When you are making a trip outside the house, give a note to a worker to say thank you for what they are doing. Put a note in your mailbox to thank the person who brings your mail.
  • Make signs. Tape your signs to your home window or to your car window. You could put a sign in your yard, too.
  • Support workers’ families. You can do something to help families of essential workers. Maybe you can make food for them. Or you can just call to tell them you are thinking of them.

What Do You Think? Who are essential workers? How can you thank them for what they do?

Photo Credit: Andrew Boydston/Shutterstock