Irish Help Native Americans Battle COVID-19

map between Ireland and Native American lands
It is almost 5,000 miles between Ireland and the lands of the Hopi, Navajo, and Chocktaw. Still, the peoples are connected by a history of helping each other.

“Ireland remembers.” That is what one message said. It came with a donation [money given to help somebody] to the Navajo and Hopi Families COVID Relief Fund.

The Navajo and Hopi are Native Americans. They are among the groups most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. Many Irish people are helping Native Americans right now.

Why do the Irish care so much about people 5,000 miles away? They know of a time when Native Americans helped their country. In 1845, potato crops began to fail in Ireland. This was known as the Irish Potato Famine or the Great Hunger. The Irish needed help. One source of help was the Chocktaw people.

The Chocktaw are another group of Native Americans. In 1830, the United States government forced 17,000 Chocktaw to leave their home. They endured a terrible journey to their new lands. The journey was known of as the Trail of Tears. Seventeen years later, they were still devastated from their forced resettlement. They had very little. Still, they sent money to help Ireland.

Now, Ireland remembers. Many people from Ireland are donating their money. They want to pay back Native Americans for the kindness shown by the Chocktaw over 100 years ago.

What You Can Do Research charities that are helping Native American groups suffering from coronavirus. Look for ways you can help.