What Will Political Conventions Look Like in 2020?

convention crowd
Conventions finalize a party’s choice for Presidential and Vice Presidential nominees. In the past, thousands of people attended the conventions. This year, because of COVID-19, the conventions will be different.

How does someone in the United States run for President? First, a candidate runs in state primary elections. They win delegates, or people who will vote for them to become the Presidential candidate of a political party. Each presidential election year, the Democratic and Republican parties hold national conventions. Each party selects its presidential candidate. Then the candidate chooses a candidate for Vice President.

Usually thousands of people are packed together in large convention halls. But COVID-19, a contagious disease that has spread rapidly throughout the world, makes gatherings unsafe. So, the conventions are changing this year.

The Democratic Party planned its convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The selected candidate, most likely Joe Biden, will accept the nomination in the city. The convention is called “A Convention Across America.” Events will be held at many places across the country. The Convention will stream live on YouTube.

The Republican Party planned its convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. Then it was moved to Jacksonville, Florida. On July 23, the convention in Jacksonville was cancelled because COVID-19 has recently surged in Florida. Delegates will meet in small groups in Charlotte. The Republican party is still deciding where Donald Trump will accept the nomination.

What Do You Think? How has COVID-19 changed the national conventions to nominate Presidential candidates?

Photo Credit: Official White House Photo by Chuck Kennedy