Earth Day: The Great Global Cleanup

plastic trash
Plastic trash like this can poison our water sources and choke wildlife.

Earth Day is April 22. On this day, we do things to help the Earth. This year, many people are staying inside to prevent the spread of a virus. Many Earth Day events will happen later in the year when it’s safer for people to be together. Then you can be part of the great global cleanup!

Plastic is a real problem for the environment! What can you do to reduce plastic pollution?

Reuse  When you family go to the store, bring bags that you can reuse. Then you won’t be using single bags and throwing them away. Buy a water bottle that you can reuse.

Refuse  You can say, “No straw for my drink, please.” If someone tries to put a plastic lid on your drink, you can say, “No thanks!” Then be careful not to spill!

Remove  Are you going to the park or the beach? Pick up the trash, especially the plastic!

Recycle  Follow the rules for recycling in your community. Find new ways to use old containers so they don’t end up in landfills [places where waste is buried underground]. You can return plastic bags to grocery stories. They will recycle them. If you have old clothes,  you can donate them instead of throwing them away. You can find places that recycle them.

Reach Out  If you are inside the house right now, you can still write letters or make phone calls! You can tell leaders in your community ways to have less plastic in your community.

What Do You Think? What can you do to reduce plastic pollution in your community?

Photo Credit: Larina Marina/Shutterstock