A Healthy Diet Means a Healthy Planet

Changing eating patterns can be done over time.

What you eat matters. Every food choice you make can even help fight climate change. Researchers at Johns Hopkins University analyzed 140 diets across the world. They concluded that all the diets contributed to climate change. According to the study, European and U.S. diets are high in meat and dairy. Researchers suggest shifting to a healthier diet.

How do diets high in meat and dairy affect climate change? Cattle are raised to produce beef and milk products. Cows and other farm animals produce harmful gases that warm up the atmosphere [the gases that surround Earth]. Trees get rid of those harmful gases. But as more cattle are raised, more trees need to be cut down to make way for pastures. In addition, 20 percent of the meat produced worldwide goes to waste. That equals 75 million cows!

Every food choice is an opportunity to make a difference. Eating leftovers can reduce food waste. Eating less meat and dairy can lessen climate change. Eating more vegetables and fruits can keep you healthy. A healthy diet is good for you and the planet!

What Do You Think? What types of food keep you healthy? Why should people consider eating healthier?

Photo Credit: SaMBa/Shutterstock