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What Is a Swing State?

You might have heard the words “swing state” in the news. What is a swing state? People in the United States vote for President. In 48 states, the winner of the votes in the state … Read more

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Wildfires and Climate Change

  Recently, wildfires in the western United States have destroyed a lot of land. They have even made the sky turn orange. Why are wildfires becoming so intense? The Climate Change Connection Scientists say climate … Read more

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Fight or Flight?

Have you ever wondered why we feel fear? Feeling afraid is a survival mechanism [a system of parts working together]. Our brains are equipped with a fight-or flight response. This response lets us fight a … Read more

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The Economy and the Stock Market

In the news, you might hear the words stock market and economy. What do these terms mean? How are they different? Economy An economy is a system in which people earn money to pay for … Read more

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Fall Fun During COVID-19

For many people, fall is a time for parties and fun with families and classmates. This year, though, many people are practicing social distancing. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! It’s great to … Read more

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Why Is It Important to Wear a Mask?

Backpack? Check. School supplies? Check. Face mask? Check. This year, back-to-school pictures look different. Why is it important to wear a mask right now?  Wearing a face mask can help stop the spread of COVID-19. … Read more