Thanksgiving in Guam

Guam chicken legs on barbecue
A traditional Thanksgiving dinner in Guam includes turkey. But what else would you find there?

Thanksgiving is on its way. Many people celebrate Thanksgiving by eating turkey. But have you ever heard of people eating fish on Thanksgiving? If you have, you might know somebody from Guam.

Guam is a beautiful island ringed by coral beaches. It’s thousands of miles from the United States. But this island is a territory of the United States. What does that mean? A territory is land that belongs to a country. People in Guam have the same laws as people in the United States. They vote in national elections. They also have local government. They have a representative in Congress. The representative does not vote, though.

Map of U.S. Territories
Guam is a United States territory located in the Pacific Ocean.

Guam became a territory in 1950. Everyone born in Guam is a United States citizen. Because Guam is a United States territory, it shares some holidays with the United States. People in Guam celebrate Thanksgiving on the fourth Thursday of November. Just like on the mainland, turkey is part of the feast. A Thanksgiving Dinner in Guam features delicious local dishes, too.

The food on Guam reflects the cultures of the people who live there. It’s a mixture of American, Filipino, and other Asian cultures. Rice is found in many meals. The rice is flavored with seeds that give it a unique flavor and turn it reddish orange. People in Guam barbecue, especially spare ribs and chicken. Fish is plentiful in Guam, too. You’d find all these foods in a Thanksgiving feast!

What Do You Think? Think about Thanksgiving in your own community. How does the celebration reflect your culture?

Photo Credit: BRETT STEVENS/Image Source/Getty Images