How Teachers Work to Improve Schools

Head and shoulders view of an Asian girl wearing virtual reality glasses sitting in a classroom
Using new forms of technology wisely can improve student learning.

It’s the start of another school year! How can you make it the best year yet? There is a lot that students can do, but did you know that teachers try to improve schools, too?

Over the summer, many teachers spend time learning ways to make their teaching even better. They might go to conferences [meetings]. Some read books. Some attend classes. It is important to teachers that students grow as much as possible. Teachers know that by getting even better at their jobs, they can help their students even more.

Schools have also been using more technology. Students can access more information with computers. Some have tried to increase the number of screens in their classroom. Some have joined social media. By using social media, schools can connect with others. They can also use it to communicate quickly and easily. Schools know that just adding technology doesn’t make students learn more. They also study the best ways to use it.

Many schools have been working on going green as well. By being more environmentally friendly, they can save costs. Then, they can spend the money on other needs. A school district in Nevada saved $10 million dollars in one year by being more mindful of their energy usage. Can you imagine what a school district could do with an extra $10 million?

What Do You Think? How would you improve your school?

Photo Credit: Shutterstock/wavebreakmedia