Preparing for Snow

Car in snow near fallen tree
Snowy roads can be dangerous to drive in.

On one day in 1966, fifty inches of snow fell in Camden, NY! Can you believe that? That is about the height of many eight-year-olds! You might be thinking about what you’d do in all that white, fluffy snow. Winter can be fun, but it is important to be very careful, too.

Snowy sidewalks can make it hard to get around. Snowy roads are tricky too. To help, salt is sprinkled on the ground. This isn’t the salt you might put on your fries. People use big chunks of salt. It melts the ice, so it is safer to travel.

Did you know that snow is actually pretty heavy? If you filled a shoebox with snow, it could weigh almost 10 pounds! This can also cause problems if people don’t plan. Many homes in areas that get a lot of precipitation [rain or snowfall] have pointed roofs. This helps the snow slide off. If you are outside shoveling snow, take breaks to rest.

What You Can Do The next time there’s a snowstorm near you, see if you can help your family clear the snow. Offer to help an elderly neighbor. Just be sure to dress warmly!

Photo Credit: Denis Jr. Tangney/Getty Images