Starting a Business

Lemonade Stand
Starting a business is a great way to learn how to earn, save, and spend money.

April is Financial Literacy month. Financial literacy is learning how to manage money. You can learn a lot about managing money by having a business. But how can you start one?

Follow these steps to start a business:

  • Decide what business you’d like to start. If you’re creative, you might want to sell artwork. If you like being outdoors, maybe you could do yard work. And if you like animals, you might be able to walk dogs.
  • Talk to your parents or guardians. They might have to help you do things like get supplies or open a bank account.
  • Talk to customers so you can find out what people like to buy and how much they will pay for it. If you’re selling a product like lemonade, you might want people to sample it to be sure it tastes great.
  • Make a plan! Your plan should include where you will run the business. What equipment do you need? Do you need money to get started? Be sure to come up with a great name for your business to attract customers. How will you advertise it to get people to come?

Starting a new business is exciting! You’ll learn a lot of great skills—and probably earn some money, too.

What Do You Think? What business would you like to start? Why would you want to start that business?

Photo Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images