Making the Most of Winter Break

crowd in ice skating rink
Ice skating is a great way to stay active over Winter Break.

For many, the end of December means one thing. Winter break! Some worry that any long breaks from school will turn students’ brains to mush. Well, there are many activities that are fun and can help you make the most of Winter Break! Here are some activities that people enjoy over break.

Many people enjoy getting some fresh air over winter break. Some like to explore the great outdoors during this crisp season. Those who live near snow might bundle up and build a snow creature! Those who live near the beach might suit up and build a sand creature!

Are there any movies coming out soon that you wish you could see? Many big movies come out during the last two weeks of December. That’s because so many families spend time together during this time of year. Going to the movies could be a fun activity to do. Are you lucky enough to see a movie? Afterwards you can practice retelling it to a family member. For a challenge, you could try to find a life lesson in the movie, too.

Many families enjoy celebrating together throughout the year. One widely-celebrated December holiday is New Year’s Eve. Some enjoy gathering and reflecting on the past year. Some create New Year’s resolutions [promises]. You could do some research on your family traditions. Or, learn about a new one!

What Do You Think? What are some ways you can keep active during school breaks?

Photo Credit: ©PBNJ Productions/Blend Images LLC