What Are the Keys to a Long, Happy Life?  

Studies have shown that people who are active and have fun with others live longer lives.

Aging is a natural part of life. As people get older, their bodies start to work differently. Sometimes their brains change too, and they do not remember things as well as they used to. Still, there are things people can do to slow down the aging process. There are ways people can enjoy life while they get older.  

The first thing people can do is make healthy choices. This includes eating healthy foods. Avoiding some foods can lower the risk of heart disease. Getting regular exercise is also important. Taking regular walks and stretching helps people live longer. So does a regular sleep schedule. 

Living a long life is not just about staying healthy though! It is also important to have friends. People with active social lives as they age live longer. If they have hobbies that they enjoy with others, that’s even better.    

Where people live also affects how long they live! There are some communities, called “blue zones” where people live longer than other places. They usually have mild climates. They are also communities where people are physically active, and socially connected.  

What Do You Think? Do you do any of the things that lead to a long, happy life? Are there other things you’d like to do? 

Photo Credit: Thomas Barwick/Getty Images