How do Igloos Keep You Warm?

Igloos need to be warm inside especially at night when temperatures are below zero.

During the winter months, some people turn on heat in their homes to stay warm. Some homes are built out of bricks, wood, and cement. Did you know there are houses built out of snow? Inuit live in igloos. Igloos are dome-shaped structures made entirely out of snow! They are usually temporary shelters for Inuit people who live where there are freezing cold temperatures and lots of snow.

Igloos are made of compressed snow. The compressed snow is shaped into blocks. The blocks make up the walls of the igloo. These blocks contain air pockets. They are good insulators. They trap heat and keep the inside of the igloo warm. Small fires and body heat from people inside the igloo warm the inside. A small hole at the top of the igloo helps smoke leave the igloo and keeps the air clean and safe to breathe. The entrance to an igloo is at the bottom to help prevent wind from blowing cold air inside.  Animal skins can be hung by the opening to help keep warm air inside as well. Even when it is way below zero, the inside of an igloo stays warm, keeping people safe and warm through harsh winter weather.

What Do You Think?    What would it be like to sleep in a house made of snow? When you put a blanket around you, it keeps you warm. How is this like the insulation in an igloo?

Photo Credit: Kotenko Oleksandr/Shutterstock