The Exciting World of Robots

A robot cleaning the floor.

 Imagine having a robot to help do your chores. That would be cool! Robots are created to do jobs. Robots are machines that collect information from their surroundings, and then use that information to complete a task. The science of learning about and creating robots is called robotics. Robotics uses technology to create robots that help us. Robotics is an exciting part of science.

Kids can make robots.

Robotics teaches you how to create your own robot. Robotics combines programming, designing, engineering and mathematics. For robots to work, they are programmed with a function code. Function codes act like brains and tell robots what to do. Robotics involves creativity. There are many ways that robots can be designed and built so that they become useful. Robots can do jobs that are dangerous for humans. They can lift heavy loads of materials and they can handle toxic substances. Robots are used in hospitals and in outer space. They help keep us healthy, make scientific discoveries, and make some jobs easier.

What Do You Think? What useful things could a robot do for you? Design and collect parts to make your own robot.   

Photo Credit: (t)Miriam Doerr Martin Frommherz/Shutterstock, (b)Yuriy Golub/Shutterstock