Back to School

Last year, you might have learned remotely, or you might have been at school. What will school look like this year?

If you’ve been learning remotely for over a year, going back to school might feel different. You might need to wear a mask to school. If you aren’t used to wearing a mask all the time, you can practice at home. Wear it a little more every day, and you’ll be used to it in no time. A mask can keep you and your classmates safer from coronavirus.

If you haven’t been at school every day for the past year, you might want to set small goals for your first days and weeks back. First, learn your classroom routines. You can set a goal to figure out the best way to organize your desk and your work. Make a plan to reconnect with old friends. It’s fine to focus on one thing at a time.

After learning remotely, it might feel different to participate in class. Think about asking good questions and being active in your learning.

Do you feel a little worried or stressed? You can talk to your teacher, a counselor at school, or family members about it. Think about all that you learned in the past year and a half. Celebrate how strong you have been!

What Do You Think? How will school be different for you this year from last year? What advice for back-to-school would you add to this list?

Photo Credit: Wavebreakmedia Ltd IP-200911/Alamy Stock Photo