Community Gardens

community vegetable garden
Many cities have gardens where people can grow things with their neighbors.

June is National Fruits and Vegetables Month! It’s a national celebration to focus on the health benefits of eating fruits and vegetables. Many people grow fruits or vegetables in gardens at their homes. If they don’t have a yard, they might have a sunny place to put a container of plants. But what if you don’t have space for a garden?

Many communities have shared plots of lands called community gardens. People come together to grow vegetables. Some may also grow and flowers.

What are some reasons to plant a community garden?

  • Gardens make communities pretty. Some gardens are built in the lots that used to be full of garbage. The gardens make the whole area look better.
  • Gardens give people fresh and healthy food. In many communities, the people who garden donate extra food to a local food pantry. Then, everyone in the community has good food to eat.
  • It’s good exercise to work in a community garden! Community gardens are peaceful and quiet, too.
  • Gardens help the environment. They add more oxygen to the air and reduce pollution.
  • A community garden brings people together. The gardens are great places for people to meet other people who live in their community. Kids can come to the garden to learn more about plants and growing things.

What Do You Think? Someone in your community wonders if a community garden is a good idea. What do you tell them?

Photo Credit: Hero Images/Getty Images