You Can Help Prevent the Flu

Ask a heath care professional for additional tips on how to stay healthy.

Each year, millions of people get the flu. The flu is caused by a virus called influenza. Influenza can spread from one person to another. Flu germs can spread through the air when a sick person sneezes or coughs and doesn’t cover their mouth. 

If you get the flu, your body might ache and you will feel tired.   

Flu symptoms:  

  • fever 
  • headache 
  • stuffy nose 
  • sore throat 
  • dry cough 

What should you do if you get the flu?  

You can fight the flu by drinking a lot of water to stay hydrated and getting rest. Staying home when you have the flu is very important. This helps prevent spreading the flu to others.  

In addition to staying home, there are other things you can do to prevent the spread of the flu.  

  • Wash your hands often. Wash your hands before you eat to help keep germs from getting into your mouth.  
  • Cover your nose and mouth when you sneeze. This will help keep germs from traveling across the room. The best way to cover your mouth is with the inside of your elbow.  
  • Wash your hands again! Remember that germs can spread to the things you touch when you cover your mouth with your hands. Be sure to wash your hands again after sneezing or coughing! 

What Can You Do? How can you help prevent the spread of the flu? 

Photo Credit: Henk Badenhorst/Getty Images