Honoring the Legacy of the Carters

Rosalynn and Jimmy Carter helped to build many houses for those in need.

February 19 is President’s Day. Let’s honor the lives of President Jimmy and First Lady Rosalynn Carter. First Lady Carter passed away recently on November 19, 2023. President Carter is our oldest living president. He is 98 years old.  

The Carters both came from Georgia. When Jimmy Carter entered politics Rosalynn helped with strategy. Jimmy became a state senator and governor. Then, from 1977 to 1980, he was President of the United States.  

As President, Carter was humble. He rarely used his full name, James Earl Carter, Jr. IHe went by “Jimmy” instead. He often wore jeans instead of suits. President Carter believed the US government should help end suffering. He made peace agreements between countries in conflict. This included Egypt and Israel. He also campaigned for human rights around the world. 

As First Lady, Rosalynn worked as an advisor for the president. She brought attention to the performing arts. She worked hard to support mental health. She helped pass the Mental Health Act of 1980.  

Jimmy Carter only served as President of the United States for one term. Afterwards, he and Rosalynn remained active. They kept working to help others. In 1982, they founded the Carter Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The center is dedicated to improving people’s lives. The Carters also frequently volunteered for Habitat for Humanity. This group builds homes for people in need. Together, Jimmy and Rosalynn built around 5,000 homes. Today Americans honor the Carters as great humanitarians [people who work to end the suffering of others].  

What Do You Think? The Carters worked to help others. How can you work to help other people? 

Photo Credit: Erik S. Lesser/Getty Images