UPDATE: North Korea and United States Proceeds as Planned

Kim Jong Un and Mike Pompeo
CIA Director Mike Pompeo, met with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to discuss the possibility of a summit meeting with Donald Trump.

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un announced a summit meeting [a meeting between the leaders of two countries] on June 12. It is a very important meeting. However, it might not happen.

President Donald Trump may cancel the summit. He is not sure he can make an agreement with Kim Jong Un. They have had many disagreements in the past.

People are working very hard to make the summit happen. They are trying to find things that North Korea and the United States can agree upon. Donald Trump says that if it seems like they can come to an agreement, he will go to the summit.

UPDATE: After much hard work, the summit between the two leaders did take place on June 12. They signed a statement saying that North Korea would end its nuclear program. This could be the first step towards a better relationship between North Korea and the United States. However, it will still take time and hard work to make sure both sides keep their promises.

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Photo Credit: White House Photo/Alamy Stock Photo