What Does AI Mean for Jobs? 

Machines can do amazing things today. But what does that mean for people’s jobs?

There is a new type of job. It is called an AI Prompter. AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. AI is a type of machine that can learn. An AI Prompter writes prompts, or commands. These prompts teach AI how to do a task. AI Prompters do not need to be expert computer programmers. They need to be excellent communicators with great problem-solving skills. 

AI prompters are in demand right now. Companies need them. They pay high salaries for AI Prompters. Some people are changing careers to become AI Prompters. They say it is the job of the future. Except, in the future AI may advance so much that nobody needs an AI Prompter. It will be able to teach itself. 

When machines start to take over the tasks of humans, it is known as automation. AI could automate many jobs, including AI Prompters! AI can drive cars. It can help people shop online. Soon, it might be able to make movies. This has the people that do these jobs concerned. Movie makers are on strike right now. One of the reasons is because they want to make sure AI does not take their jobs. 

This is not the first time machines have automated the jobs of humans. People used to light gas lamps at night in cities. Then, electric lamps that automatically turned on at night replaced them. A telephone operator used to have connect people to who they wanted to call. Now computers do that.  

Economists say that automation is not always bad for jobs. As machines focus on unskilled tasks, humans have more free time. They can come up with new ideas. Sometimes these ideas lead to entirely new industries. With AI, people worry human skills can be replaced instead of just human work. Groups are arguing that AI should be used as a tool to help people in jobs, not as a way to replace them.  

What Do You Think? What skills do you have that no computer could replace? 

Photo Credit: Dmytro Zinkevych/Shutterstock