Statements at This Year’s World Cup

Alphonso Davies is a star soccer player for Canada. He will donate his World Cup money to charity. His team is also working for equal treatment for Canadian Women’s Soccer.

Canada is a nation directly to the north of the United States. They are known for hockey more than soccer. The Canadian men’s soccer team qualified for the World Cup. It was the first time since 1986. The players celebrated. But then, they went on strike [refused to play]. The Canada men’s team wanted to make a statement.

They want the Canadian women’s soccer team to be treated fairly. They also want to be paid more money to play in the World Cup. The Canadian men’s team has agreed to play in the World Cup. But they are still working on these issues.

The US Men’s team is also in the World Cup. This year, the men’s team has agreed to split the money they win in the World Cup evenly with the women’s team. The women will play in the World Cup this summer.

Some individuals are also making statements this year. Canadian player Alphonso Davies will donate his money for playing in the World Cup to charities. He was a refugee as a child. His parents came from Liberia to Canada to avoid a civil war. Now he wants to help others. Many other players and teams will make statements during the World Cup.

What Do You Think?  If you were playing in the World Cup, would you make a statement about something? What would it be?

Photo Credit: Vlad1988/Shutterstock